October 2017 report

Sorry yall. I just realized that I haven’t made a report since April of this year. Our meeting started out welcoming our two newest members John Blackmon Jr. and his lady Reagan Gear. They have finally been able to join us for a meeting! So welcome to the crew and thank you for joining us […]

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April 2017 meeting

 Joshua  Laughlin  x  Lucinda  Mosely  x  Carla  Mosely  x  August  Mosley  x  Melinda  Dee  Nolan Mosely  x  Aiden Martinez  Noah  Martinez  Arthur  Dullinger  x  Sabrina  Dullinger x  Justin  Hicks  x  Janet  McGrath  William  McGrath  Kendall  Caminiti-Hess  x  The  x signifies  those  who were  wearing  their shirts/uniforms.  We started  off the  meeting as  usual.  Each department […]

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March 2017 Meeting

Lucinda Mosley, Joshua Laughlin, Arthur Dullinger, Sabrina Dullinger, Justin Hicks, Janet Mcgrath, Jason Mcgrath, William Mcgrath, Nolan Mosley, Kendall Caminiti-Hess, Irene Smith, Gary Perkins, and Laura Callahan all were in attendance at the meeting. We also took our 15 yr old cadet neighbor Brandon with us. Gary was promoted to crewman, Laura was finally given […]

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February 2017 meeting

Attendance: Sabrina, Arthur, Justin, Janet, Jason, William, Kendall, Josh, Luci, and Nolan. We had a great meeting this afternoon. We talked about a bunch of things which I will go over in brief detail. We talked about getting literature from the food bank and possibly getting a barrel for donations. I will be going to […]

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January Meeting 2017

Attendance: Janet, Jason, William Kendall Arthur, Sabrina, Justin Luci, Josh Melinda, Samuel, Nolan, August We welcomed the new year with a video made up of the new model of the USS Endurance and other videos spliced together, made so that it looked like the Endurance was fighting along with the Enterprise. We started talking about […]

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December 2016 Meeting

This month’s attendance was lacking due to car troubles, and engagement photos. All in attendance were me, Arthur, Justin, Carla, August and our guest Samuel. All but Samuel were wearing crew shirts. Promotions would have been done if the people had showed up but Kendall and Laura were promoted to Lieutenant and Nolan was promoted […]

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October 2016 meeting

As usual technology just doesn’t like me for some strange reason. So today’s meeting is all going to be from memory. Attendance: Joshua Laughlin, Lucinda Mosley, August Mosley, Carla Mosley, Nolan Mosley, Melinda Mosley (albeit however brief lol), Sabrina Dullinger (duh but ya know gotta put my name in here), Arthur Dullinger, Justin Hicks, Irene […]

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September 11, 2016 Meeting

Attendance Lt. Sabrina Dullinger Lt. Arthur Dullinger LtJG Justin Hicks Crewman Recruit Irene Smith Petty Officer 3rd class Nolan Mosley Capt. Joshua Laughlin Exec. Officer Lucinda Mosley Ensign Melinda Mosley We began our meeting by going through the departments so that they could report. Engineering had nothing to report. Communications reported the new email address, […]

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